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Camping on the Nullarbor: Animals to Watch Out for and How to Avoid Them

The Nullarbor is a place of wonder when it comes to wildlife. However, as with all other places that bear the attraction that is adventure, the Nullarbor has its own fair share of dangerous flora and fauna. In this post, we discussed general guidelines when it comes to dealing with these animals. Now, let’s delve […]

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10 Important Survival Tips When Camping Away from Civilisation

Sometimes, camping away from the safety of familiar rest stops is what makes the remote outdoors more exciting. Your location is unfenced and intimate, with the noise of neighbouring camps and personal emails being drowned under the immense Australian sky. Camping with few or no facilities at all can be amazing, but it’s no friend […]

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Contingency Plans: 5 Camping Emergencies to Prepare For

Life in the Australian Outback can go from spontaneous to urgent, in a flash. The Eyre Highway drive can be long and unchanging at times, but the unpredictability of the Nullarbor Plain as a whole requires travellers to be flexible when setting up camp in the wild. Consider having a back-up plan for each of […]

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