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Tourist Attraction: Streaky Bay

A quaint town devoted to wheat farming and specialised fishing, Streaky Bay is a holiday favourite for families going through South Australia. Whether you’re spending time with the kids while school is out or coasting by the Great Australian Bight, the small town has all the charm it needs to pull you in for a […]

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Nullarbor Tourist Attraction: Nundroo

If you are journeying across the Nullarbor, you will likely be on the look out for interesting locations to stop and explore. Given the extensive history of the biggest tourist spots in the area, there will be no shortage of places to visit. Among these many attractions is Nundroo, a well-known service centre for travellers […]

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Meals to Try at the Nullarbor Roadhouse

While the Nullarbor Plain is considered as one of the world’s largest expanses of empty land, that doesn’t mean it’s barren. In fact, the very reason that so many tourists and adventure-lovers make an annual journey down the Eyre Highway is that it offers so many sights to see and stopovers to explore. Unsurprisingly, many […]

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The Wildlife of Nullarbor

Crossing the Nullarbor Plain is easily one of the greatest road journeys for any traveller in search of unique and exciting experiences. This tedious but rewarding trek can certainly bring you closer to nature, as it showcases the natural beauty of the Australian outback and the lesser known highlight of the endeavour: Nullarbor’s rich and […]

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