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The Roadtrains in Eyre — Dancing with the Kings of the Road

The Eyre is a long road: a place that seems to (and could, quite literally) drag on for days. In between roadhouses and pit stops, the road seems to just stretch out endlessly through the horizon with nothing but the vast, brown desert on the left and on the right. Every traveller is prepared for […]

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Remnants of a Lost Town: The Eucla Telegraph Station

In the outback region of Western Australia lies Eucla, a small town that played an important role in Australian history. It is also considered as a major stop-off point along the Eyre Highway for travellers coming from Norseman and Ceduna. While known for being the only Western Australian location that has a direct view of […]

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Across the Nullarbor Plains on a Bike: Stories and Experiences

Crossing the Nullarbor plains is a triumph in itself. Crossing it with a bike, however, is another feat altogether. It requires strength, perseverance, and litres and litres of water. But for those up for the challenge, it’s the closest thing to flying: miles and miles of freedom, carried by nothing but a piece of metal […]

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The Beautiful Desert Mirage of the Nullarbor

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you probably know that the Nullarbor is a prime destination for anyone who’s out looking for an adventure. However, at first glance, the Nullarbor seems like nothing but a stretch of long road backdropped by an endless of arid land; it turns out, the place has all […]

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