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5 Rare Birds of the Eyre

While traversing the vast Eyre highway, there are lots of attractions to look out for, both on land and in the sky. The Eyre peninsula is definitely one of the best places to learn more about Australia’s diverse wildlife firsthand. Why not make your Nullarbor trip a one-of-a-kind learning experience by watching out for our […]

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Climb the Blowholes of Caiguna

Creating the ultimate bucket list for visiting the caves of the Nullarbor? After visiting the Weebubbie and Murrawijinie Caves, don’t forget to drop by the Caiguna Blowhole! A hidden attraction in the Nullarbor Plain, this cavernous blowhole provides a sneak peek to what lies beneath the rocky Australian ground. Exploring Caiguna Located in Western Australia, […]

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Getting Closer to the Sea with Border Village

Border Village, found near the border between South Australia and Western Australia, has plenty to offer with interesting places and views. Also known commercially as BP Border Village, the area is more than just a stopping point to visitors, since the village leads to the breathtaking cliffs of the Great Australian Bight. History of the […]

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Cook: The “Queen City” of the Nullarbor

For laidback adventurers who are into discovering new places while crossing the Nullarbor, Cook might just be the right destination for you. Cook is a railway station and desolate town located in the middle of the Nullarbor Plain. The secluded town is also situated near the longest straight railroad track that still operates to this […]

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Respecting Aboriginal Culture: Things To Keep in Mind

Many of the travellers we’ve met always express that they’re thrilled to see Australia’s preserved sites. The beauty of the outback does entice a lot of people to visit these areas, but sometimes they unaware of the rules and customs that Indigenous Australians practice at their sacred sights. When crossing the Nullarbor, you’ll surely find […]

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The Shifting Sand Dunes of Fowler’s Bay

The Eyre Peninsula is blessed with an abundance of rich wildlife and heavenly scenery. Whether you want to visit the past or seize the present, it has everything for everyone ready to immerse themselves in nature. Fowler’s Bay is an outstanding example of the peninsula’s attractive features, where you can do more than just sightseeing. […]

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Top 5 Unique Caravans You Must See

Do you want to try caravanning in Australia? The first thing you need is to decide which caravan can meet your driving and living needs on the road. To guide you in choosing your future motorhome, we’ve taken a look at these top five unique caravans tested to be fit for the vast Eyre Highway. […]

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Joining the Fresh and Fun Ceduna Oysterfest

Can’t get enough of seafood? If you answered yes to this question, then the annual Ceduna Oysterfest is perfect for the seafood enthusiast in you! The West Coast town of Ceduna is home to Australia’s largest oyster festival — Ceduna Oysterfest — celebrated every SA Labour Day Long Weekend. Read on to know more about […]

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Top 6 Twitter Accounts Every Grey Nomad Should Follow

In a world where travel information flows freely online, Twitter is one of travelling retirees’ top resource for relevant and latest information on getting good travel deals and discovering new places to visit around Australia. Don’t know where to begin? Whether you’re planning to go abroad or schedule a trip to the outback, we’ve compiled […]

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Lake Eyre: Australia’s Largest Lake

If you’re only expecting to see empty, arid plains and the occasional troop of kangaroos passing by while driving along the Eyre highway, then you’re in for a surprise —  there are also beaches, caves and deserts that are definitely worth visiting! The unique thing about Southern Australia’s desert spectacle is that there’s more to […]

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