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Tourist Attractions

Murals and Artworks

In 2016 the Nullarbor Roadhouse decided to celebrate the history of the Nullarbor through murals, by accomplished mural artist Pam Armstrong, in addition to a scale model of the old “station/garage” which was created by Marty Powell. The artwork pieces on site also provide shaded rest areas in our caravan park using materials on site […]

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Murrawijinie Caves

These limestone caves are open to the public but please put safety first, before venturing off the Eyre Highway. Reliable vehicles are required and the access road is a fairly rough track. Two wheel drive vehicles are suitable. Within the caves make sure you watch your step and do not approach any snakes (remember you […]

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head of the bight cliffs
Bunda Cliffs

Along the Great Australian Bight the Bunda Cliffs extend 200kms, between the Head of the Bight and the border with Western Australia. They are the southern edge of the limestone slab which forms the Nullarbor Plain and extends far inland. Along the base of the cliffs is lighter in colour as this white, almost chalk […]

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Whale Watching – The Head of the Bight

Experience Southern Right Whales up close. Between Mid-May and October (whale season), up to 100 whales reside along a 15km section of the coast line. The peak of the season is July-August. Head of the Bight is 20 kilometres to the east of Nullarbor Roadhouse The stunning cliffs provide a close up view of the […]

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Flight Over The Bight

This 30 minute flight will provide you with awe-inspiring views of the Southern right whales and Bunda Cliffs. The flights require a minimum of two people per booking and are operated by Chinta Air. Flights over the Bight operate from the Nullarbor airstrip which is located right next to the roadhouse. You are also able to […]

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Dingo’s Den

The Dingo’s Den golf hole is part of Nullarbor Links, which is the world’s longest golf course. It stretches 1365 kilometres, starting in Kalgoorlie West Australia finishing at Ceduna in South Australia. The Dingo’s Den hole is the fifth hole of the course and stretches over 538 metres, making it the only Par 5 of the […]

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